Trendy Fashion On A Budget

Fashion is something that almost every woman follows. Fashion is constantly changing and evolving. Some styles seem to disappear and reappear over the years. One thing that will always be a major part of fashion are accessories and handbags. During the 80′s and 90′s the trend was to have a handbag to match every pair of shoes. Nowadays that’s not the case. Now what most women just look for are handbags that are fashionable and trendy. As we take a look at celebrity styles we often see designer handbags and accessories like belts, sunglasses, and jewelry. Many people look to recreate these styles on a budget. All of these show off an individual’s fashion style and taste. Handbags and totes will always be a major part of any woman’s wardrobe.

There are different types of handbags, such as: clutches, satchels, totes, backpacks, duffel bags, and celebrity themed handbags; like Betty Boop and Marilyn Monroe. Evening bags are good for formal occasions, but one can get everyday use out of handbags and tote bags; they also come in a wider variety of designs. Many women also desire a stylish bag that can hold multiple items. Fashionable and functional bags are popular among working women, because of their versatility; they can be used during the work day, at the grocery store, or a night out with friends. It is convenient to be able to use one bag in multiple settings, as opposed to having to switch bags for different occasions. Designer products are very sought after by those who are fashion conscious, but for many, those styles are outside of their price range. To get the look for less, people invest in designer inspired handbags, which provide the same styles as the expensive designer handbags, but without the pricey name/label. For many women, wearing designer products makes them feel empowered and helps them to create a unique style. Designer inspired products create the opportunity for the average woman to have similar styles to those of the rich and famous. The most convenient and efficient way of buying designer inspired handbags, totes and accessories is online. It is perfect for those who are not near a shopping center, or simply don’t have the time to go. There are also many unique and stylish items available online, that are not available in retail stores.

Fashion Tips to Wear Black & White!

Pairing black and white clothing and accessories has always been a very well put together look. Black & White dresses have often made their way to women’s closets for any season. Ranging from swimsuits to dresses, from night on the town to a day in the office, these two colors are the perfect choice for an elegant and sophisticated look. It doesn’t matter what a woman’s shape and style is, she can usually find confidence in wearing black and white. Styles of donning these two opposites may have changed over the years, but the look is still same – Classy and Fabulous!


Work it with Your Body Shape:

Sometimes the body shape of a woman doesn’t allow her to don the look that’s on fashion rage. These two opposite colors, however, really look good on any sized figure, but one should know how to wear them. Black is able to give a very slimming appeal; so it should be worn in areas where you want to look slim. Ladies with heavy bottoms can wear white on top and black at bottom to keep attention away from their problem areas. If you’ve a smaller chest, wear black top with snowy patterns, such as floral or geometric. This will be helpful in creating an illusion of fuller body.

When How to wear:

Well, these colors are most elegant color choices which can be worn at any place or any occasion, be it birthday party, wedding, business meetings, or any other formal or informal occasion. This combination looks great even at the beach parties. Pair a black pencil skirt with white ruffled blouse along with black pumps for work, or a zebra print pretty dress for any friends’ getaway or get-together. Whatever the occasion is, just remember don’t wear plain white button down shirt and black dress pants without any accessories, or else you’ll look like a server at a restaurant. But still if you want to go with this combination, then don’t forget to accessorize with some elegant accessories.

Monochromatic Outfit:

You don’t have to be dramatic when pairing these two opposites. Simply wear black leggings and tunic of same color and look stylish! Just add a touch of opposite color jewelry. Compliment this look with pearl jewelry, plain black pumps or flats with bit silver work. It will give your monochromatic outfit a kick of style. The same goes for dress in all white. However it’s normally a good idea to wear same color shoes and pants to elongate legs. This benefits a lot to ladies with short heights.

Play with Textures Patterns:

Black and white dresses have been around for a long time. However as time changes, so do the trends. When wearing this look one should try latest mix of texture and patterns so it doesn’t look boring. Try wearing bubble skirts, ruffles, patent leather, lace, ruching, beaded embroidery, or any other type of embellishments that really accent the look. In patterns you can go for black white polka dots or patch work. Zebra print dresses, chess print dresses and newspaper print dresses are really “In” nowadays! These prints are season-friendly, hence they can be worn in any season, be it summer or winter. So, be playful with these prints.

You can also add a hint of color to your black white attire. Bright colors like red, yellow, sea green and orange always look very sexy with this combination. For checking out latest Black White fashion trends one can take inspiration from 2010 MTV Music Awards celebrity styles. So, don this opposite color trend in whatever the way you’re feeling, in your own style!